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Green IS/IT and Sustainability
Track Co-chairs:

Adela CHEN, Colorado State University, adela.chen@colostate.edu

Rohit NISHANT, Rennes School of Business, Rohit.nishant@esc-rennes.com

Thompson S.H. TEO, National University of Singapore, bizteosh@nus.edu.sg

Description and Topics of Interest:

Sustainability issues represent urgent global challenges with complexity on individual, organizational, societal, cultural, technical, social, regulatory, and economic dimensions. The Information Systems (IS) discipline is uniquely positioned to address the sustainability challenges because of its ability to engage with the design, development, deployment, assessment, and management of environmentally sustainable products and practices. The central role of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) in today’s world suggests that green IS/IT is a key component of our solution to these challenges. IS/IT have diverse impacts on sustainability, which can be actual or potential, positive or negative, short-term or long-term, and intended or unexpected.


The Green IS/IT and Sustainability track welcomes theoretical and empirical perspectives on the role of IS/IT in addressing the sustainability concerns and challenges. We invite contributions from a broad spectrum of disciplines (e.g., IS, management, marketing, psychology, sociology, computer science, engineering, etc.) that have interest in green IS/IT and sustainability. Rigorous and relevant IS studies that address the sustainability issues with a wide variety methods (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, design-oriented, etc.) will contribute to the Green IS/IT and sustainability phenomena.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Adoption and impact of green IS/IT and sustainability practices
Environmental management systems
Theories for green IS/IT and sustainability
Case studies of green IS/IT and sustainability
Human and green devices and products
Green initiatives through latest innovations
Energy resource management and energy informatics applications
Sustainable business process management
Green government and sustainable approach
Green service/marketing using technologies
The sustainability of green IS/IT initiatives
IS/IT solutions for a more sustainable society
Responsible societal innovations using IS/IT
Sustainable and unsustainable IS/IT
Sustainable business practices and processes including greener supply chains
Energy and environmental informatics

Associate Editors (in alphabetical order)

Abdullah Al Bizri, Montclair State University, United States
Ainin Sulaiman, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Alem Molla, RMIT University, Australia
Alvin Leung, City University of Hong Kong, China
Catherine Dwyer, Pace University, United States
Christina Serrano, Colorado State University, United States
Dan Rush, Boise State University, United States
Francis Gacenga, University Southern Queensland, Australia
Hepu Deng, RMIT University, Australia
Jennifer Claggett, University of Virginia, United States
Karim Jetha, Florida International University, United States
Nargis Pervin, IIT Madras, India
Sandeep Mysore Seshadrinath, UNSW Business School, Australia
Satish Krishnan, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India
Seth Li, Clemson University, United States
Tuba Bakici, Rennes School of Business, France