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IS/IT in Mobile and Digital Business
Track Co-chairs:

Chuan Hoo TAN, National University of Singapore, chtan@comp.nus.edu.sg

Chee Wei PHANG, Fudan University, phangcw@fudan.edu.cn

Chuan LUO, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, luochuan@swufe.edu.cn

Description and Topics of Interest:

Mobile business, representing an important form of contemporary digital business, is enabled by mobile technologies and applications. Due to the personal nature of the mobile technologies, users can be uniquely identified or inferred based on a multitude of data including their usage, spatial, and temporal data. The readily available mobile applications at no or low licensing cost have engendered a great interest in providing personalized, targeted form of services and product promotions and sales.


As mobile technologies and applications become increasingly smart and connected, relationships between (both existing and prospective) customers and business operators are evolving to being even more service-oriented, relational and open-ended. For example, the augmented reality applications could immediately blend virtual products to the real-world environment, conversely so too. The elimination of spatial and temporal constraints, coupled with the lowering of communication barrier, have also enabled new forms of consumer behaviors such as mobile collaborative consumption.


The pervasiveness of mobile business has created tremendous opportunities for non-traditional players and start-ups to enter emerging markets, which has presented challenges for incumbents in traditional industries. The stiff competition to maintain user base and active usage becomes the norm. While a significant number of studies have investigated multiple facets of mobile business, the dynamic interaction of mobile technologies and business landscape creates continuously emerging opportunities and challenges.


Thus, this track encourages the submission of manuscripts that reflect the state of the art in mobile technologies, with an emphasis on their impact on (1) individuals, teams, organizations, governments, and society; (2) relationships among participating parties; and (3) business and societal transformation. We call for theoretical and empirical research papers that use rigorous and innovative qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods to investigate the phenomenon of mobile technologies and business. Papers that are addressing important topics and wicked problems are particularly welcomed.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Business impact and value of mobile technology and application
Entrepreneurship and innovation in mobile business
Mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile commerce, location-based services, and location-based applications
Privacy, security, and trust issues in mobile business
Innovative value propositions and emerging business models enabled by mobile technology
Mobile payment models and technologies
User experience (UX) in mobile technology deployment
IS/IT issues in mobile business strategies
Cross culture studies of mobile business

Associate Editors (in alphabetical order)

Cheng Yi, Tsinghua University, China
Cheng Zhang, Fudan University, China
Jinbi Yang, Jiangnan University, China
Jing Wu, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
Lele Kang, Nanjing University, China
Mengxiang Li, Hong Kong Baptist University, China
Qiqi Jiang, Copenhagen Business School, Danmark
Rui Gu, University of International Business and Economics, China
Tao Wang, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
Yani Shi, Southeast University, China
Yun Xu, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China