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IS/IT Strategy, Leadership, and Governance
Track Co-chairs:

She-I CHANG, National Chung Cheng University, actsic@ccu.edu.tw

Barney TAN, The University of Sydney, barney.tan@sydney.edu.au

Shang GAO, Örebro University, shang.gao@oru.se

Description and Topics of Interest:

Advances in Information Systems (IS) / Information Technology (IT) have fundamentally transformed the way we do business, work and live. As new technologies emerge, they also offer new possibilities for addressing increasingly complex economic and social problems, but the key to resolving these problems is that IS/IT must be deployed strategically. Consequently, with the growing significance and pervasiveness of IT in contemporary society, the emphasis of both academia and industry in IT-related fields has shifted to trying to understand the nature and implications of IS/IT strategy, leadership and governance in driving business and social innovation in the present age.


The impact of IS/IT, however, can be double-edged. While the advantages and benefits of IS/IT are well-documented, IS/IT can also give rise to new technology-related risks surrounding information security, privacy, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Understanding and addressing the complex technical, behavioral, organizational, cultural, legal issues surrounding IS/IT strategy, leadership and governance is thus an imperative for the IS research community.


The aim of this track is to bring together scholars, industry players, stakeholders and general public to share their research findings and best practices related to IS/IT in digital age. The track serves as an outlet for studies related to strategy, governance, leadership, business models, and technological innovations that are required to actualize the potential of IS in this digital age. We welcome all research related to IS in digital age and are open to all types of research methods (e.g., simulation, survey, experimentation, literature review, case studies, action research, etc.). Practice-based research is also appreciated. Both full research papers and research-in-progress papers are welcome.

Topics of interest may include (but are not limited to):
IS/IT strategy in the digital age
Governance for digital business creation, implementation, and operation
IS-enabled business model innovation in digital age
User driven IS/IT innovation
Digital business governance
Digital business ecosystem
Theoretical foundations of IS in the digital age
Social, political, and legal implications of IS in the digital age
Value co-creation for IS in the digital age
Leadership issues in IS in the digital age
Internal control and computer auditing in the digital age

Associate Editors (in alphabetical order)

Albert Huang, University of the Pacific, United States
Celeste Ng, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
Chunmian Ge, South China University of Technology, China
Craig Claybaugh, Missouri University of Science and Technology, United States
Darshana Sedera, Monash University, Australia
Felix Tan, The University of New South Wales, Australia
Hong Guo, Anhui University, China
Kuanchin Chen, Western Michigan University, United States
Linda Bergkvist, Karlstad University, Sweden
Shengnan Han, Stockholm University, Sweden
Tawei (David) Wang, DePaul University, United States
Wenbo Chen, Wuhan University, China
Xiao Xiao, Copenhagen Business School, Danmark
Xiaofeng Chen, Western Washington University, United States
Xiaohui Zhao, University of Canberra, Australia
Yuan Sun, Zhejiang Gongshang University, China